Find A Way  
  Elements: digital photography, found images, typography  
  I like to combine organic & inorganic images. The randomness of nature & the techno feel of architecture and digital typography create both a sense of tension while complimenting each other at the same time.

In “Find A Way” I'm exploring softer colors with less intensity. I tend to use bright colors with an intense value, since I'm naturally drawn to those. Here, I'm rethinking and reworking those tendencies. I wanted to have mostly soft colors with one use of a more intense color. I think this will create a sharper attraction to the intense blue part of it ... sort of like creating a tension towards the more vibrant blue hues.

For geometry, there's a balance towards between the architectural-like geometry with the vertical lines and the organic structure coming from the flower, which are the yellow and white-gray areas.

I like to use surreality in abstract ways to open up ideas about meaning, questioning what you're looking at and the overall impact people have when viewing this. Is it calming? Does it create tension for you? Are geometric patterns pleasing? What does all of these mean to you?